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Exciting news! 3D Mammography Now Covered in Kansas & Missouri

Posted on December 27, 2018 in mammography

A new year means new coverage for insurance companies, including 3D mammography! Beginning January 1st, both Kansas and Missouri insurance companies must cover 3D mammography in full.  Both states now consider it a key part of screening for breast cancer. That means insurances, in general, are required to cover it without out of pocket costs to you.


We have long discussed the benefits of 3D mammography, including things like better detection of small invasive breast cancers, while needing fewer callback or additional diagnostic images.  3D mammography combines traditional mammography with tomosynthesis. It takes multiple images from different angles, allowing us to see the patient’s breast tissue in thin 1-millimeter slices. Overlapping tissue is no longer an issue with 3D imaging, unlike traditional 2D mammography where all of your breast tissue is projected on one image. 3D mammography can benefit women with breasts of all shapes, sizes and breast density. We recommend 3D mammography for all women age 40 and older yearly. High-risk women may need supplemental screening, even with 3D mammography.

As always, you should check with your insurance if you are uncertain of coverage. Some insurances do come from outside of these two states, and may not cover 3D in full.


We are excited our states have recognized the benefits of 3D mammography, making it possible for more women in our states to undergo potentially life-saving screening with the latest in technology.

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